Oral Delivery of peptides/proteins: Scientific Insights and Working Perspectives

Are you a formulation scientist, a PhD student or postdoc working with oral drug delivery? Join our webinar! In the first part, we present how our innovative research in the field of orally administered peptides and proteins led us to develop the world’s first peptide tablet for type 2 diabetes. Challenges within the oral delivery of macromolecules and formulation using SNAC as permeation enhancer will be discussed. Moreover, you'll hear about peptides/proteins design and key considerations to make these APIs suitable for oral delivery. In the second part, you'll meet some of our scientists and leader, where they will give some insights about our international environment and our work culture diversity. They'll share how they experience their scientific roles and the empowerment in a multi-functional team collaboration. Finally, our scientists will take you to a virtual tour in our laboratories and present some of our world class equipment. Who should attend? Scientists from both academia and industry: formulation and drug delivery scientists, early-stage drug development researchers, master’s and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers with a special interest for oral drug delivery. Speakers: Tina Bjeldskov Pedersen, Director of Oral Formulation Research Stephen Buckley, Director of Oral Delivery Technologies Philip Jonas Sassene, Principal Formulation Scientist Andrew Megarry, Formulation Specialist Maria Kazakou, Research Associate Formulation Scientist Host: Maria Kazakou, Research Associate Formulation Scientist & Talent Ambassador About Novo Nordisk: For almost a century, we've successfully delivered peptide and protein-based treatments for those living with serious, chronic diseases. In 2019 we launched world’s first peptide tablet for type 2 diabetes. This was a significant milestone on the journey towards transforming injectable formulations into tablets. At Novo Nordisk we continue the research for providing the best possible treatment options for millions of patients relying on our products.