Closed offers

Publ. date Job offer Deadline
(21/05/2021) Pharmaceutical Development Researcher 21/06/2021
(27/03/2021) Leader/Senior Researcher in the scientific area of Molecular Bioengineering, focusing on Materials Engineering/Nanotechnology 30/06/2021
(27/03/2021) Posdoctoral positions in polymer chemistry, pharmacology, immunology and neuroscience 09/04/2021
(17/02/2021) Postdoctoral position nano-delivery at CIMUS, USC 17/03/2021
(27/01/2021) ERA Chair Holder - i3S seeks accomplished molecular bioengineer 31/03/2021
(15/12/2020) Postdoctoral researcher position: Nanoparticle biological identity investigation 01/01/2021
(15/12/2020) Postdoctoral researcher position: Hybrid Hydrogels for sustained drug delivery 21/12/2020
(16/10/2020) Postdoctoral fellow for a project on Monoclonal Antibodies 30/10/2020
(14/10/2020) Postdoctoral position in nanobiocel-UPV/EHU 21/10/2020
(28/09/2020) Postdoctoral position in Nazarbayev University School of Medicine (NUSOM) 05/10/2020
(18/09/2020) Postdoctoral offer at María José Alonso's Lab - CIMUS Research Institute of the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain 20/10/2020
(12/09/2020) CCMAR-FCT Doctoral Fellowships in marine and related sciences 18/10/2020
(10/09/2020) Postdoctoral position for Young Researcher at INSERM 30/09/2020
(10/09/2020) Postdoctoral position in Polymeric Drug Delivery 30/09/2020
(11/05/2020) Postdoc position in the Wallenberg Center of Molecular Medicine (Sweden) 06/06/2020
(22/01/2020) ROVI- PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTIST (PhD for the R&D department) 22/01/2021
(20/11/2019) Postdoctoral Fellow: Drug product design methods and software tool (from January, 24 months) 31/12/2019
(20/11/2019) 2 Physical Chemistry or Chemical Engineering graduates who want to do a PhD in the area of crystallisation 31/12/2019
(20/11/2019) 5 PhD students on the Marie Curie ITN under project LongActNow – Long Acting Medicines for Complex Therapeutics Needed Now 16/12/2019
(20/11/2019) 1 Postdoctoral researcher in Drug Delivery Systems 02/12/2019
(20/11/2019) ORBITAL (MSCA-European Training Network) 4 Early Stage Researcher PhD Studentships 26/11/2019
(28/10/2019) (OPEN) Postdoctoral position in Pharmacology of Chronic Migraine 28/11/2019
(30/08/2019) Predoctoral researchers position at the Targeted Therapeutics & Nanodevices group 16/10/2019
(30/08/2019) Postdoctoral position at the Targeted Therapeutics & Nanodevices Research Group 16/10/2019
(22/07/2019) Formulation Scientist open position at Enesi Pharma 31/08/2019
(17/07/2019) Project Manager position for developing long-acting formulations at Medicines Patent Pool 15/08/2019
(03/05/2019) Open position in Lonza: MSAT Process Expert 23/05/2020
(02/05/2019) Postdoctoral researcher’s position - The PANIPAC project: Photoactivable nanoparticles to immunostimulate the tumour micro-environment in pancreatic cancer 01/02/2020
(08/02/2019) Postdoctoral position in Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC) 14/03/2019
(16/01/2019) Several job opportunities offered by the Nano-Oncology Unit and ONCOMET, Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS), Spain. 28/01/2019
(07/12/2018) Research Assistant - Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Center (CNIC) - Madrid (Spain)  26/12/2018
(19/11/2018) Postdoctoral Position Available at the Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory (CIPF, Valencia, Spain) 19/12/2018
(13/11/2018) Assistant professor in Pharmaceutical technology in the University of La Laguna (Department of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical technology) 29/11/2018
(27/09/2018) Postdoctoral Associate Position in Cancer Immunotherapy 27/09/2019
(13/09/2018) PhD candidate in NANOBIOFAR-BIOMATERIALS AND DRUG DELIVERY group 13/09/2019
(13/09/2018) New postdoctoral offer on Novartis Campus Basel 13/09/2019
(23/02/2018) Postdoc Positions in Barcelona - Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia - Professor Xavier Trepat 15/05/2018
(27/11/2017) Postdoctoral Position at Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 05/01/2018
(24/06/2017) Junior Postdoctoral Position at Instituto de Neurociencias, San Juan de Alicante, Spain 30/09/2017
(24/06/2017) Postdoc Position on Nanomedicine in the framework of the H2020 MINDED project 31/08/2017
(08/06/2017) Job Offer - European Project Manager in the Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory, Valencia 15/07/2017
(08/06/2017) Assistant Professor at the University of La Laguna 28/06/2017
(05/05/2017) Technical Assistant Contract Offer 20/06/2017
(27/04/2017) Application to doctoral programme grants at Prof. Patrick COUVREUR laboratoire 31/05/2017
(06/04/2017) Training Fellowship in Drug Delivery Systems 06/06/2017
(02/03/2017) Expert in Proteomics in Laboratory of Nanoproteomic, Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti, Lugo 30/06/2017
(02/03/2017) Laboratorio de Nanoproteomica, Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti, Lugo 31/03/2017