Post-doctoral research position at Prof. María Blanco-Prieto group (University of Navarra)

Post-doctoral researcher at University of Navarra



Personalized cancer treatment using RNA-lipid nanoparticles /TERAPIA BASADA EN NANOTRANSPORTADORES DE RNA PARA EL TRATAMIENTO DEL CANCER (NanoRC)


Focus of the project

The project, in collaboration with several research centers, companies and hospitals, focuses on personalized cancer treatment taking as a model the multiple myeloma. To do this, based on the genomic-transcriptomic information of the patient, custom specific siRNAs will be generated and delivered into nanoparticles.


Application Requirements

• PhD in an appropriate discipline (Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Biology, Biomedical Engineering…).

• Experience in nanoencapsulation, cell cultures and animal studies will be highly acknowledged.

• Good writing and presentation skills.

• High level of English.


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to: Prof. María Blanco-Prieto (mjblanco [at]

DEADLINE: January 20TH, 2023


Friday, 20 January, 2023