Postdoctoral Associate Position in Cancer Immunotherapy

Position Description:

We are hiring a postdoc for an exciting project in the area of cancer immunotherapy. The project will require background in materials, gene and drug delivery, and cancer biology and is interdisciplinary in nature. A team of postdoctoral students will work in collaboration with world- class scientists in a leading pharmaceutical company. We anticipate this work would result in high-impact publications and will be translated to the clinic to make an impact on cancer patients.


Candidates must have a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Biotechnology, Biology, Chemistry, or related disciplines. We are interested in highly motivated individuals who are willing to work in a fast-paced environment and with an interdisciplinary team. Experience in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, gene delivery, cell culture, qPCR, Western Blotting and in vivo mouse models and imaging are appreciated.

About Us:

Our lab is located in the heart of Cambridge, MA. We place particular emphasis on your career advancement, personal development and growth. More information about the lab can be found at:

Application Process:

Applicants should send a CV and cover letter to Prof. Natalie Artzi at nartzi [at]
As this project requires a team effort, if you have any of the skills that are required and are highly motivated, please reach out.



Friday, 27 September, 2019