Postdoctoral Position Available at the Polymer Therapeutics Laboratory (CIPF, Valencia, Spain)

We are looking for a polymer chemist ideally with experience on NCA ROP in order to develop novel Polypeptide based carriers of different nature and topicity. These materials will be used as carriers for biomacromolecules including Adeno Viral vectors (AVV), therefore experience in conjugation chemistry will be a valuable merit. Targeted drug delivery to specific sites (including Kidney, tumor microenvironment and/or selected cancer cell types) is the final goal for the rationally designed nanocarriers.

The tasks associated with the postdoctoral researcher will be the rational design, synthesis and exhaustive physico-chemical characterization of linear, star and self-assembled polypeptide-based carriers. Those carriers will be conjugated to selected cargos through either a semitelechelic or a multivalent approach.



Saturday, 1 January, 2022