Project Manager position for developing long-acting formulations at Medicines Patent Pool

Medicines Patent Pool 

Position: Project Manager – Long acting

Location:  Geneva, Switzerland with international travels

Organisation Overview

Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) is an independent public health foundation working to increase access to HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis treatments in developing countries through voluntary licensing and patent pooling initiatives. The foundation works with a broad spectrum of partners — industry, civil society organizations, international organizations, among others — to prioritize, forecast and license medicines and pool intellectual property to encourage generic manufacture and the development of novel formulations. 

Since its creation in 2010, MPP has signed licensing agreements with 9 patent holders for 14 HIV antiretrovirals, 3 hepatitis C antivirals and 1 investigational tuberculosis treatment. Leading pharmaceutical companies have signed licenses with the foundation, and MPP has signed sublicenses with 24 generic manufacturers and product developers to produce these treatments. To date, MPP estimates that it has save the international community US $631million in low-cost medicines through its licenses.

The field of long-acting technologies have the potential to revolutionise the management and treatment of diseases in LMICs. In particular, long-acting technologies, whether they be long-acting injections, microneedle patches, gastric resident systems, or other platforms, can potentially improve adherence, improve patient outcomes, increase convenience and reduce health systems costs. The MPP is entering an exploratory phase to determine whether, and how, the MPP’s model can be applied to this emerging field of technology to facilitate the development of long-acting formulations of public health importance in LMICs. During this exploratory phase, the MPP will explore the feasibility of applying the MPP model to long-acting technologies and seek to engage in a series of pilot joint development projects with other stakeholders to assess challenges and opportunities and to create a Long-acting Technology Hub.

In this context, MPP is recruiting a project manager to manage its activities in the development of long-acting formulations and lead MPP activities in this field.

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Thursday, 15 August, 2019