2021, January – 3rd SPLC-CRS Young Scientists Virtual Meeting. Best oral and poster communication awards

The 3rd Spanish-Portuguese Local Chapter- Controlled Release Society (SPLC-CRS) Young Scientists Virtual Meeting was held on January 21st.

The congress was opened by Prof. Carmen Évora (SPLC-CRS President, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain) before an audience of about 150 persons. This year 3 speakers from different area presented the plenary conferences, Dimitrios Lamprou (Queen’s University Belfast, UK), Jean Christophe Leroux (ETH, Switzerland) and Kathryn Whitehead (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) with the chairs: Prof. Bruno Sarmento (University of Porto, Portugal), Prof. María Blanco (University of Navarra, Spain) and Prof. Helena Florindo (University of Coimbra, Portugal) respectively.

Prof. Araceli Delgado (SPLC-CRS Secretary, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain) closed the ceremony and announced the awards. Congratulations to the 3rd SPLC-CRS Young Scientists Virtual Meeting Awardees!! The award for best oral presentation was received by Raquel Boia (University of Coimbra, Portugal) for the presentation entitled: “Long-lasting retinal neuroprotection by an adenosine A3 receptor agonist loaded in an intraocular biodegradable implant”. The award for best poster communication was received by Laura Saludas (University of Navarra, Spain) with the work entitled: “Squalene-adenosine nanoparticles as a therapeutic strategy for ischemic stroke”.